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Florida State-Wide Emergency Response Plan (SERP).


This course is 6 hours of In-Person Instruction and contributes 6 CEUs towards Florida Fire Instructor I, II, and III, Florida Firesafety Inspector I, and Florida Fire Code Administrator certification renewal.


The course is also one of the pre-certification classes required for Florida Fire Officer II certification.

The course complies with the Job Performance Requirements set by NFPA 1041 (2012).


Students will learn about the Florida emergency response system and how it works, including the various components and benefits.

The course also covers:

  • the components and processes for mutual aid in Florida

  • how to run a post-incident analysis in order to ensure that required information is collected and can be used to assist with future emergencies.

Statewide Emergency Response Plan (SERP)

  • At the conclusion of the course, you will:

    • Be familiar with the mechanisms and procedures for putting the statewide emergency response plan into operation.

    • Be familiar with mutual aid and its impact both within and outside Florida.

    • Know how to develop and carry out a post-incident analysis.

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