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Courses Included:

*All courses include the publisher's e-Book and access code. 


“Fire Inspector 1 Series” consists of five courses that meet part of Florida State Fire pre-certification requirements for Fire Inspector 1. 

  • Building Construction for the Fire Service (ATCP 2120)

  • Codes and Standards (ATCP 1510)

  • Construction Documents and Plans Review (ATPC 2521)

  • Fire Prevention Practices (ATPC 1505)

  • Private Fire Protection Systems 1 (ATPC 1540)

Fire Inspector Series

  • The Fire Inspector Series is designed for firefighters who are looking to become Fire Service Safety Inspectors for their respective departments or to apply as Fire Safety Inspectors. 

    ​The classes can be purchased as a bundle or as individual classes.  

    All course material will be accessed through the eCerts Now Learning platform once enrolled.

    ​Once enrolled in any course, you must ensure that you work consistently and diligently to complete the coursework and related requirements in order to successfully complete the course. These open-enrollment courses allow you to pace yourself but will require sufficient self-discipline to keep up to date with the workload. Therefore, it is your responsibility to set aside the time required to complete the various units of these courses. You will be held completely responsible for your own achievements once you purchase the course content. 

    ​In addition to enrolling in the Fire Officer 1 Series or any other course, students must purchase the required textbook for each course enrolled. All textbooks are listed below for each class. Click on the ISBN number for each course to be directed to the Amazon link for the book. 

    ​All payments will be processed through our website. Once payment is received, you will be granted access to the courses purchased within 24 hours. All Instructions will be emailed to you along with course access.

    ***Please read our POLICIES page carefully prior to purchasing any course.

    Contact us at if you have any questions or concerns. 

    ​*Our courses have been approved by the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training at the Florida State Fire College.

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