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'Fire Service Course Delivery” is a self-paced, online, fire course with continuous enrollment. It is taught using an online format, with a required task book for Presentations. This course is part of the required coursework for Fire Officer I, Fire Instructor I, Fire Instructor II, and Fire Instructor III. The course also provides 45 CEU hours towards

Florida Fire Instructor and Florida Fire Safety Inspector certification renewal.

Fire Service Course Delivery complies with the Job Performance Requirements established by NFPA 1041, Fire Service Instructor Professional Qualifications, and Florida Rule 69A-37. This course will familiarize students with a wide range of proven techniques for effective communication of information across a range of teaching situations and principles as well as theories of adult learning. Students will learn the methodology and mechanics of teaching and how to measure teaching effectiveness. They will be given instruction on the use of devices required for specific training areas as well as media and visual aids.


*All courses include the publisher's e-Book and access code. 

Fire Service Course Delivery

  • Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

    • Understand the instructor’s role in the classroom and how to effectively perform as a fire service instructor in accordance with NFPA 1041, Fire Service Instructor Professional Qualifications and Florida Rule 69A-37

    • Understand various instruction techniques and methodologies, and will be able to adapt those techniques and methodologies to a classroom setting using class projects

    • Integrate various learning concepts and approaches into teaching methods and presentations

    • Create favorable learning environments for students that allow for positive learning experiences

    • Be familiar with legal concerns and issues with respect to teaching, instruction, and training

    • Safely complete practical training activities in accordance with NFPA Standards and Florida Statutes

    • Develop, administer, and appraise an assessment instrument

    • Identify different types of instructional media both within and outside the classroom, and be able to use such media effectively. 

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