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The Pediatric Advanced Life Support Instructor course is offered in a blended learning format and includes the following:

  • AHA PALS Instructor Essentials Course
    • Access to this course will be emailed within 24 hours of purchase.
    • This course must be completed prior to attending the In-Person class portion by candidates who wish to become AHA PALS instructors.
    • A completion certificate must be emailed to us prior to attending the in-person class portion. 
  • PALS Instructor course in-person session. 
    • Check our Calendar for upcoming Courses.
    • Course length: Approximately 6 hours
      • Lesson times are estimates and can vary from course to course.
    • Student-to-Instructor Ratio: 6:1
    • Student-to-Manikin Ratio: 3:1




AHA PALS Instructor Course

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